Metal Spinning and Deep Draw Capabilities

CNC Metal Spinning Machine

Primary Operations:
CNC and manual metal spinning, deep drawing and stamping.

Secondary Operations:
CNC machining, trimming, deburring, piercing, embossing, beading, slotting, laser cutting, polishing, cleaning, passivating, powder coating, anodizing, etc.

Metals Formed:
Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, and other formable metals.

Typical Part Geometry:
Cans, cones, hemispheres, cylinders, pans, domes, rings, and more.

Industries Served:
Medical, cryogenic, electrical, consumer, industrial, environmental, architectural, appliance, lighting, communications, scientific, etc.

Spinning Capabilities:
HMS forms parts that range from the size of a thimble to a satellite dish. We can effectively address both prototype and high volume production requirements. Our manual spinning lathes can swing up to 72" in diameter. Our state-of-the-art CNC spinning lathes can accommodate .187" thick stainless steel, or .315" thick aluminum.

Press Capabilities:
Our press department has both mechanical and hydraulic presses. Our 500 ton hydraulic press can accommodate a maximum part diameter of 60” and a maximum can depth of 16”.

Our in-house tooling department designs and fabricates all tooling.

Metal Spinning Capabilities
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