Deep Draw Stamping Capability

graphic Deep drawn stainless steel

Junction Box

Deep Drawn Aluminum, .063" wall thickness.


graphic Stainless deep drawn joggled cap

Mini Tank and End Cap

Deep Drawn Stainless .018” Thin Wall with Joggled Cap and Extruded Holes


Short Run Deep Draw Stampings

HMS offers short run, deep draw stamping runs of 5,000 pieces or less. Design engineers and purchasing agents often consider a short run, deep draw stamping house when annual volume is less than 60,000 pieces, when short production lead times are needed, or flexible, cost-effective tooling is required to accommodate eventual design changes. Short run deep draw stamping is also used when prototypes are sought prior to investing in more expensive, high volume tooling or when expected part life is short. Finally, short run deep draw stampings can supplement gaps in shipments caused by failures at domestic or offshore, high volume stamping houses.

Short Run, Deep Draw Stamping Capabilities

HMS offers short run, deep draw stampings in a wide range of materials and sizes. With 500 ton stamping presses, we have the ability to form large, heavy gauge, deep drawn parts that other stamping houses no-quote. Our short run, deep draw capabilities include:

  • Maximum diameter of 60" with draw depths to 16".
  • Stainless steel specialists, with capabilities in carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, and other formable metals.
  • Typical geometries include cans, enclosures, cones, cylinders, pans, domes, rings, and more.
  • Secondary operations include CNC machining, trimming, deburring, piercing, embossing, beading, slotting, joggling, hemming, ribbing, laser cutting, polishing, cleaning, passivating, powder coating, anodizing, etc.
  • In house tooling design and production insures single source responsibility.

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