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Reagent Tray & Headlight Ring

Reagent Tray & Headlight Ring

The stainless ring on the left is a component of a blood analyzer. The cross-section is visually similar to a set of parentheses.  This shape, called a re-entrant contour, requires a unique approach to tooling since the part becomes locked on the tooling during forming.  An unblemished surface finish, passivation, and close tolerances are required for this medical part.

The smaller ring on the right is a Head Light Ring for an antique motor car. The mirror finish matches the polish of the car’s other components.

  Reagent Tray Headlight Ring
Diameter 13.17″ 09.90″
Height 00.60″ 01.30″
Material Stainless Stainless
Thickness 0.048″ 0.048″
Finish Brushed Mirror
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