• Oval Mounting Ring
  • Deep Drawn Stainless with Ribs


  • Deep Drawn Stainless
  • .018” Wall Thickness
  • Joggled Cap
  • Extruded Holes


  • Double Radiused Mouth
  • Aluminum Hourglass Shape
  • Premium Finish


  • CNC Spun & Machined
  • Mild Steel Bearing Cage
  • Critical Tolerances: Wall Thickness, Concentricity


Hialeah Metal Spinning Company is dedicated to providing precision metal formed parts. We utilize metal spinning, also known as spin forming, and deep drawing. HMS uniquely combines the benefits of CNC spinning and deep draw metal stamping to offer cost effective metal forming solutions.

Exceptional customer service sets us apart. A responsive, engineering oriented associate will respond to your call or e-mail in a timely manner. We will partner with you, recommend design changes to improve part quality and reduce cost, and recommend the best metal forming process for your custom part. Expert guidance at every step of the way, combined with a commitment to excellence define the corporate culture at HMS.

Tired of slow response times? Frustrated by "no quotes" on complex spun metal and deep drawn parts? Confused by the metal spinning or the deep draw process? We can help. Many of our best customers choose HMS because we demonstrate the capability and commitment to see their projects through to completion. At Hialeah Metal Spinning, we welcome the tough jobs that others can't or won't do. Our commitment to every customer is simple: the most important part...is your part...on budget, in spec, and on time. Every time.

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